Functional Medicine – Discover the Cause in CITY* STATE*

Functional Medicine – Discover the Cause

Functional Medicine – Discover the Cause in CITY* STATE*

Wouldn’t it be amazing if your doctor assess your health by looking at your genetic and biochemical makeup. A doctor that truly works with you as an individual and understands the composition of your body.

We live in a world today where that kind of care is possible, and we are proud to offer functional medicine care to our patients at CLINIC NAME*.

What is functional medicine?

As defined by the Institute for Functional Medicine…”Functional medicine determines how and why illness occurs and restores health by addressing the root causes of disease for each individual.”
Tests such as Blood, Saliva, Urine, Stool, and Breath are used to get a deep understanding of the overall body function. From there patients are given an individualized plan to guide their food, supplements, stress, sleep, and more.

At CLINIC NAME* we feel functional medicine care is the future that patients deserve to have. For far too many years our healthcare system has treated most patients with what could be called group care. Basic testing was used to determine a protocol of pharmaceutical drugs or possibly surgery.

Functional medicine treats each patient as an individual. Each patient has access to the kind of testing that a multi-million-dollar athlete would receive. When that depth of assessment is done it paints a picture of where the cause of issues is coming from.

Diabetic patients are able to understand why they are having blood sugar issues. Thyroid patients are able to understand the full mechanism of why they can’t lose weight and have no energy.
When the source of the problem is discovered then a plan can be put in place to heal the body.

Is functional medicine right for you?

Honestly, functional medicine is right for almost everyone. In a perfect world, every person would have full testing done to show them their current state of health. Imagine how much change would happen if people were aware of the issues they have hiding inside. Issues often fester for a decade or more before symptoms show up.

If you are interested in what functional medicine can do for you please speak with our team at CLINIC NAME* today.


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