use aromatherapy to assist with relaxation

Are you looking for aromatherapy in CITY* STATE*? This technique combines the oils of various plants (flowers, fruits, herbs) to improve overall well-being.

What Can Aromatherapy Help in CITY* STATE*?

There are a variety of different oil blends that can assist with different kinds of release and relaxation.

Aches/Pains: The first blend is for aches and pains. The oil blend is used to improve blood circulation and decrease pain while assisting in the recovery of soft tissue. This blend is composed of sweet birch, a little bit of rosemary, a pinch of clove, and cypress. This combination is great to help soft tissue heal following an activity that was particular physically exhausting by decreasing the pain in joints and muscles.

Anxiety: Another popular blend is anxiety release to settle the feelings that cause or lead to anxiety such as nervousness, apprehension, and irritability. This oil blend combines the soothing and uplifting characteristics of vetiver, the calming effect of lavender, and the sedative, relaxing properties of chamomile. The blend also includes the aromas of citrus and clary sage to induce a warming, mild euphoric feeling.

Peace: Lavender garden is a blend used to ease the mind, and assist in more peaceful sleep while reducing inflammation. This blend combines the richness of patchouli, the sweetness of grapefruit, and the joy of sweet orange with two special lavender oils to create an experience that will not disappoint. One of the lavender oils is an English lavender that is specifically used to ease pain and inflammation while acting as a calming and antidepressant agent. The other lavender assists the respiratory system naturally detoxifies the body and helps aid in more restful sleep.

Stimulation: Mint and rosemary to awaken the body and mind through increased blood circulation. This blend is fun and alive! The peppermint oil delivers a cooling feeling while improving circulation of the lymphatic system thus strengthening your immune system and relieving pain. Studies have also found that peppermint will stimulate different parts of the brain and activate the release of noradrenaline. Noradrenalin helps focus and can help develop sustainable attention for completing tasks. Rosemary also has pain-relieving and memory support properties while having a soothing aroma.

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